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Industrial Projects Divison

We have established exclusive agency agreements with international manufacturers for forth coming industrial projects in Oman. This division provides market intelligence for its international partner in supplying equipment and providing service for green field projects.

Some of our Principals are:

Petrochemical Project

  • Hanhwa  Engineering & Constr. Corp., Korea  -  E.P.C. Contractors For Hydro Carbon Projects

  • CTCI Corporation - Taiwan

  • Daekyung Machinery & Engineering Co. Ltd - Korea

  • G.R. Engineering, India -  Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchanger Etc.

  • TIFAB, U.S.A. -  Titanium Heat Exchanger, Vessels Etc.       

  • CMI, Belgium  -  Industrial Boiler

  • M.S.A., Czech  Republic  -  Industrial Valves

  • Thermo Electra, Netherlands  -  Temperature Instrument 

Sewage Plants

  • Hyundai Rotem Company – Korea - Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Instruments For Waste Water   Plants.  

Aviation & Transport Industry

  • REEL S.A.S. France -  Aircraft Docking System

  • Caren – Spain -  Hangar Door

Industrial Divison: Services
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